The Kalamazoo Diaries at the 2014 Hamilton Fringe Festival

The Kalamazoo Diaries at the 2014 Hamilton Fringe Festival

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Are you obsessed with Game of Thrones? Fantasize about Ragnar and Logertha from Vikings? Dream about auditioning as a knight at Medieval Times?

Are you curious about the history behind these shows…those years between 500-1500? Those “Dark Ages”?

Join Natalie Fingerhut, medieval history editor at Scholars’ R-Us Press, and 3180 die-hard medievalists at the famous International Conference on Medieval History held annually in the very real city of Kalamazoo, Michigan! This year’s keynote: “Yesterday’s Middle Ages, Today’s Middle East.” Come and hear world-renowned historian, Lars von Ellenstein, talk about the Children’s Crusade. Listen to the Harvard Medieval choir perform Gregorian Chant, try a little coffee prepared daily by the monks at the Kalamazoo County Cistercian Snack Bar. And please don’t forget about the daily mead-tasting.

But be warned. It is not all medieval madness here at The Zoo.

We have a question for you. An important question that you ask yourself all the time: How do you really know what happened in the past?

The Kalamazoo Diaries is a first-time pilgrimage for playwright, Natalie Fingerhut, and Winterhut Productions. Our Site called the play “a sometimes serious, but often hilarious satire.” Others adjectives include: “Crude, common sensical, nonsensical, spiritual, deeply moving, and funny as hell.”

Featuring Hamilton Fringe Festival veteran, L J Nelles, director of Christel Bartelse’s “Significant Me” (nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award), The Kalamazoo Diaries is a serious comedy asking a serious question.

The Kalamazoo Diaries

Written and Produced by Natalie Fingerhut
Directed by LJ Nelles
Featuring: Esther Arbeid, David Fournier, Adrian Gorrissen, Eric Lehmann, Joy Castro, Merle Newell
Stage Manager: Adam Bromley
Set Designer: Hayley Pace

Playing from July 18th-July 27th at Hamilton Theatre (140 Macnab St. North, Hamilton, Ontario)

Tickets: $10.00 (with a $4.00 Fringe Backer button required)

For Advance Online Tickets:

For more information, contact: Natalie Fingerhut at [email protected]

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