Terry Jones to give 600th Anniversary lecture at St Andrews University

Terry Jones to give 600th Anniversary lecture at St Andrews University

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This June St Andrews University in Scotland will be celebrating its 600th Anniversary with many special events, including a lecture by comedian, film director and medievalist Terry Jones.

Terry Jones’ 600th Anniversary lecture will take place on Tuesday 25 June, which marks the beginning of the Graduation Week celebrations. As well as speaking on ‘Columbus, America and the Flat Earth’ Jones will also be awarded an honorary degree.

The university will also be hosting a four-day conference exploring The Middle Ages in the Modern World – which brings together around 150 delegates from across the world to discuss the invention, use, abuse, and meaning of the medieval and the Middle Ages from the Renaissance to the present day. As such, it is a perfect celebration for an institution with medieval origins celebrating its six-century march into the twenty-first century.

Historians, art historians, economists, musicologists, philosophers, theologists, literary critics, poets, novelists and museum curators will gather to present research on topics as diverse as; the fictionalising of the Middle Ages in Game of Thrones, medievalist motifs in contemporary pop music, Anders Brevik’s perversion of ideals of medieval knighthood, and medievalising responses in Iceland to the collapse of that country’s banking institutions in 2008. The conference will end with Seamus Heaney reading from and discussing several of his translations of medieval poetry.


Source: St Andrews University

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